Saturday, 11 June 2011

First Sketch on an iPad



Jon Davis said...

That's come out pretty well, hasn't it? I like the texture of the paint, it looks really nice :)

Catherine Hayward said...

Ooh nice, I like the colours and I second Jon's comment on the texture - how did you do that, are there settings on the ipad?
Is it like fingerpainting (only cooler)?
Quite excited about how good touch screen technology is getting, from what I've seen with folks who have the high quality stuff.

Emm@ said...

Thanks, guys.

I used the Sketchbook Pro app, which is a lot like Photoshop, so it has layers and lots of brush/texture options.

Emm@ said...

I also have a little spongey-tipped stylus thingmee which I draw with, but you can use your fingers, toes or even nose if you like!