Wednesday, 10 March 2010

My First Quilt

I made this tied quilt for Youngest Sister's birthday last month:






I pretty much followed this tutorial on The Purl Bee, bar the buttons and with only one section of stripes. I have to say I found it fairly straightforward and a lot of fun! Even Boyfriend helped me sew on a few of the buttons, which, of course, means he made it all himself. I just have to psyche myself up to tackle a "proper" piece of quilting, which should be easier with my new sewing machine. I think I'll start small and use some of the left over fabrics from my purse-making to do some placemats or something. There's loads of inspiration in this Flickr group. Yummy stuff in there.

Now all my birthday present crafting is over for the time being (more pictures to come), I think I'm going to make a dress. I got some fabric this Monday, so hopefully come next Monday and my next full day to myself, I can get the pattern out and get cutting! Eek!


peri said...

It's great - lovely colours.

Adore the skull fabric.

Holly said...

Photos are on their way btw, but not tonight, because I'm too tired and lazy and stuff.