Tuesday, 16 March 2010

More Pursey Goodness

Thanks y'all for all your congrats. At the moment, I'm having hassles uploading my piece to their ftp server, so I may have to resort to putting it on a CD and sending it to them by Special D. How awfully Old Skool.

Anyway, to take my mind off that while I wait for Boyfriend to get home and hopefully help me sort it all out, I'm going to show off my latest batch of purses, which I made for Steph for her birthday this weekend:






Cool, huh? The Russian doll badges I blogged on Sunday were for Steph, too. The lovely Japanese fabrics are from beautifulwork on Etsy. They only took 5 days to arrive. From the other side of the world. Royal Mail, take note.

I made Middle Sister a clip frame purse out of the Alice fabric, too, but, of course, forgot to take a photo of that. She is supposed to be sending me one.... (hint, hint, Furze, this is a message for you.) I did get around to sewing myself up a dress yesterday, but I'll share that later in the week.

In other exciting news, I'm finally back off to the print studio tomorrow to crank out a few more Wolf posters. I keep getting emails asking if I have any more, so I think a 2nd edition is fully justified. Not only that, but there's going to be another staff art exhibition during the May festival, so if I'm going to sell any of the Grandma and Woodsman prints I have left there, I do rather need some Wolf to go with them. I have a twinkling of an idea for a new piece for this time round, but I need to find out tomorrow when the print room is going to be free throughout April.


Holly said...

Um, yeaaaah...about that...I have taken them!! I just need to get round to putting them on the computer. I could do it now, really. Okay. Give me about an hour or so :)

Rona said...

You shoulda taken a photo of the Cammi bag too!

Emm@ said...

I know! I always forget to take pics of presents! Surprised I remembered to take these ones!