Tuesday, 2 March 2010

Clip Purses: First Attempts

I've graduated from zip purses up to clip frames. It's been a bit of a jump. Thankfully, this tutorial (in fact, the whole site) held my hand through the tough bits. It's the first time I've made up my own pattern for anything and used interfacing, so I'm rather proud of myself. I did (do) worry about the close proximity of something that has taken me a good hour to cut and sew, really sticky, strong glue and my clutzy fingers; but I managed not to get glue all over the fabric, which surprised and delighted me. (On the frame is OK as it just peels off the metal.) I did, however, glue the first frame on back to front, so it only opened half way. Duh. Had to pull it all off and re-glue, but it doesn't look too bad for the ordeal.

This was my first go. I followed the U-Handblog tutorial pretty much to the letter, but I put too much fabric in the top edge, so it needed to be gathered quite a bit under the frame. I've slimmed the top part down now, so hopefully any future purses made from this pattern won't have the same problems. I also forgot to cut/square off the corners of the lining on this one, but it's not too big a deal.



This grey and yellow one is my second attempt.




Better in that I didn't have too much fabric under the frame and I remembered to square off the corners of the lining, but I really needed to trim off my excess seam allowance, as it got tough to turn the right way out. I also think this shape would work better with only one layer of interfacing rather than two. Other than that it's pretty OK, but I do think it looks a little lopsided. Probably just me.

But I'm getting better, you must admit, and really enjoying the process. I think I'll try this sort of shape next, but obviously much bigger!

I've not given up on the zip purses, though. Also on the U-Handblog is a great zip purse tute (although I didn't stick the clear pocket on the side) with the best way I've found for attaching the zip. I've always managed to put the zip too far in so it catches on the lining, but with this method it doesn't. I've also been experimenting with interfacing in these. And now I'm all experienced with squaring off corners, I'm going to give this one a go, too. (I've also been jonesing to make myself some kind of dress/long top, but that'll have to wait. I know if I get the fabric now I'll just leave my poor purses by the wayside!)

Right, back to Fantastic Mr. Fox. He's for a competition entry with a deadline for this Monday coming, so I'll be able to show him off soon.


PG said...

Very pretty Emmo! (And very clever too - they look lovely)

Annie said...

woo hoo they're lovely!

Catherine said...

I think they're looking very smart :-)
I learnt to make clip purses and zip-up purses on that blog too - Lisa is so good at explaining it all.