Thursday, 4 March 2010

It's World Book Day today!

Which means we can talk about stories and dress up as fictional characters and get free books. My kinda day! You can find out all about WBD here. Two years ago, I went to do an author/illustrator talk at Steph's school. It went quite well, even if it scared the bejiggery out of me! This year, no class visits (thankfully), but I did join up with The Author Hotline, an official WBD 2010 partner, which aims to be a one-stop shop for schools wanting to organise a class visit from a story-maker. I have a lovely button there on the right hand side which you can click and go straight through to my profile. It's a great resource, I think, and loads of work has gone into it from its founder, Anthony Lishak. A big thumbs up, Ant.
Speaking of stories and the like, my FMrF illo is finished and emailed off for the competition. Here's hoping. I'm going to get him printed on some postcards, too, to mail out as a promo thing. Just got to think of something to put on the back...those poor, soon-to-be-eaten birds, I think!


peri said...

Am so jealous that you've been to Atlantis and the Moon - wanna see the photos!

Great site - loved your profile/questions. Brill.

Holly said...