Tuesday, 1 September 2009

Getting Excited!

So today is the 1st September. If I could get up to London and back again in time for work, I'd be at King's Cross Station right now with an owl and a trunk freaking out the commuters! There's a definite "back to school" feel in the air, and I'm restraining myself from going down to Paperchase and buying a new pencil case. My letting agent has written to ask if I'm staying in the flat at the end of the tenancy, and Boyfriend and I have already started to research suitable places and locations for our new place.

Autumn is fast approaching. Hurrah! I'm not the biggest fan of summer. Alright, I like the lovely vegetables that are around, and barbeques, and the long evenings and sitting out in the garden on them, but as I don't have any kind of outdoor space I feel I'm rather missing out on the best of what the season has to offer! Bring on the crisp, brown leaves, golden sunlight, frosty mornings, scarves, boots, coats, roasts, stews, hot chocolate, walks in the park or on the beach, feeling schnuggly and warm as the evenings draw in ... lovely, lovely, lovely.

I hopefully have a new illo job in the pipeline. I was getting a little anxious about the lack of work, but I keep reminding myself that summer is always slow, and once everyone gets back from their swanky holidays and starts panicking about the lack of time left until the Frankfurt Bookfair in October, the jobs should start to come in again. I'm on a tight budget now, though, as I have to save to be able to move; it's such an expensive process. No more afternoon teas out, then. Better for my waistline, anyway, as I'm starting a diet today, too! I always feel much more motivated to start things at the beginning of the school year, rather than the beginning of the calendar year. At work, the kids will come back on Thursday, so my six quiet weeks of learning about how this library works will be over, and there'll be a whole load of new stuff to take in!

Red Velvet is now a postcard that is being printed as we speak, so until the details for the new job arrive, I'm working on re-vamping my website. It'll be a larger job than it should be as I lost all the files for it when the old HD died on me. This means copying it all from the website that's up there, rejigging it all to fit in my new work and uploading it all at the end of the month. Sigh. The same thing happened with my accounts, so I'll have to sort those, too. Can't be helped, I suppose. Technology, eh?

Ooo, all raring to go now! Stuff is starting to happen and that's always exciting.


Jayleon said...

I H<3rt you so very much.

CrazyJaneDesigns said...

oh I feel just the same, although I hated school. I do so love the possiblities of a new start feeling.

Jenny Leggings said...

Newness!!! you are all kinds of awesome! <3