Monday, 7 September 2009

Barry the Spotty Piglet...

barry a character I've been playing around with for the two book covers/new illo job I mentioned last week. This is just a sneaky snap-shot of a section of my initial idea for cover no.1. I'm sure it'll change a lot in the following weeks!

I was just getting used to the idea of autumn, when today turned out to be summer again. It even seemed a bit frosty as I left the house this morning just before 8am, so I took my scarf! My scarf, I tell you!! Suffice to say I had to slap on some Factor 50 for the walk home. It's supposed to be nice all week, too. But I'm in the mood for soups and socks now!! Bah.

I went to look at a flat after work today. It would've been perfect (ticks all the boxes size, price and location wise) had it not been in the basement of an awesome 1930s block. Just too dark. Oh well. Plenty of time to keep looking! I just got carried away with the idea of living there, as I always do.

Well, as I've sent off my cover ideas and not heard back from them today, tonight I shall eat rigatoni with home made pesto and tomatoes, watch cookery programmes on iPlayer and maybe even do a bit of ironing. Rock 'n' Roll.


Holly said...

He has such a cute face ^^

'Tis indeed summer today. Hot bunnies!!

Deb said...

looks like someone is giving him a hug? dx.