Wednesday, 25 April 2007

Up until very recently I would've said the worst thing ever to be would be a housewife. Now I find myself - to the horror of my inner feminist - really enjoying the time I spend cooking, sorting out the house and garden, and generally looking after my boys. (Boys being one lanky bloke and two bunnies. I'm not sure I'd feel as warm and fuzzy about it if there really were real, live boys - or girls even - in the equation. How mothers cope is beyond me.)

But for the past few days I've been throwing myself into housewife mode with gusto while I still have the chance. Soon The List Of Things To Do For Edinburgh will arrive and I will have to get back to the old computer-shaped grindstone.

My greatest achievement has been totally sorting out the spare room, which contains millions of boxes, odd bits of furniture and several laundry bags that still hold the majority of my wardrobe. What once was higgeldy piggeldy mess is now a neat and tidy stack over on one side of the room. You can even close the door and everything. I keep wandering in there just to marvel at it's neatness.

And I've really attacked the garden, planting my first early and some second early potatoes and my onion sets out there, plus re-potting the tomato seedlings and moving the baby carrot, beetroot and radish plants outside in containers on the patio.

The best thing about all this is that I really feel, for the first time in ages, that I am accomplishing something. And it's something useful and verging on worthwhile. I feel like I could take on anything right now and, if not win, then kick some arse at least. Woo-hooo!

Housewives rule.


natural attrill said...

Sounds good to me!

ladysnail said...

sounds like you are settling in to your new home and enjoying the good old fresh air being out and about in the garden!

PG said...

Yep, it's good to be sorted. :)

The children chocolate and wine blog is a long story, but it is basically a central link for all the blogs listed on it. They (we) all migrated from the Country Living site, where they had all had blogs, and many were using their blog as part of a competition to be a CL columnist. The blog setup was awful, and the CL people mismanaged the comp, causing much furore and the set up of this evolving community, which gets a bit anarchic when everyone is on it at night, and resembles more of a chatrooom than a blog...

Anyway, back to you, it is good to have some kind of routine, and to be sorted out domestic wise, I find that it helps keep the blues away, at least if my brain is dissolving I know I've got a clean bathroom!