Wednesday, 18 April 2007

Bleurgh. I've been having one of those horrible hang-around-and-
wait-and-see-if-the-client-actually-likes-what-you've-done days. Which is all very well, but they invariably don't have an opinion until four thirty, by which time you've uploaded all your outstanding flickr photos, rearranged your email folders, and pressed refresh so many times on your forum you wonder if anyone else actually exists outside your room. I need to get outside, particularly as it's so nice, but Pain in the Bum Jon has gone off to play cricket, taking the car with him. There's always a spot of gardening, I suppose.

So inbetween times today I've been having a play around with a potential header/business card for my yet-to-be-set-up etsy shop. I had a real faff with which house to choose. I drew about 12 of them, but I think I'm finally happy with this one:

It's a start, anyway.

We also gave Mortimer a bath this morning. I don't think he liked it.


Catherine said...

The logo looks lovely, and a very sweet name :)
I like Mortimer's stunned expression!

Pea said...

Mortimer looks so cute! Is he a house rabbit?

paula said...

awwwwww bless! Soggy bunny!

lorna said...

What a cutey that Mortimer is! I know just what you mean about sitting around waiting all day. I've been sat around for a couple of days doing nothing. It wouldn't be so bad if I didn't then feel guilty about it!
hope you have a good weekend.

ladysnail said...

orrr bless mortimer! the logo for your etsy shop looks really good. i like the little attic window.

Tommy-Rocket said...

I love your logo!



Emm@ said...

Why thangyee, ladies.

Mortimer and his brother, Reeves, live just outside the back door on the patio. He needed a bath because, inexplicably, he was covered in dirt, which is much more noticeable when your fur is so pale. Possibly he had been hiding it since last Friday when we all got back from my Ma's where the two of them had been in a run on the grass.

Hmmmm. Cheeky bunny.

Holly said...

Ooooh, I weally like the house :)

Mortimer looks SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO cute, all wet and bedraggled!!!! Sweetness :D

So they ARE brothers? Oh dear...


mermaid_misk said...

Awwwww. Don't you love it when you wash pets and their bodies look all tiny but ther heads still look big and fluffy :D hahaha. He is just so adorable.

Ps: get that Etsy shop open ASAP missus you'll make a fortune with your critters!