Thursday, 19 April 2007

Hurrah! The three Edinburgh Fringe Brochure ads I was working on have all been approved and sent off this arvo. It seems strange that three pieces measuring 9cm by 11cm each could take so long, but they do. They may be small, but they're the first piece of artwork that is done for the Fringe, so they set the tone for all the other publicity material that will follow. Plus, every piece has to go to Lovely Jon for approval, then the act, then the act's other agent (if they have one), and finally the venue the act will be appearing at. It's a long list of people to please.

But to celebrate that little milestone being done and dusted, we took a couple of hours off this afternoon and went up to Wadebridge. As lovely as Wadebridge is - lots of nice independent shops, a great greengrocers, a fabby art/craft/knitting shop and plenty of second hand bookshops - I had my first truly terrible Cream Tea experience. Well, maybe not terrible, but pretty disappointing. Stand up and be ashamed Relish Food & Drink.

Now, don't get me wrong. I love the fact there are lots of independent food producers, sellers and cafes in Cornwall, and Relish are doing a fabulous job of promoting that with their yummy menu and even yummier deli/shop, but dear, oh dear, there are the scones to consider. Full marks for using Boddington Berries' jam (the best jam in the world, and made just up the road in Mevagissey)and lovely local clotted cream (no Rhodda's for them), but the scones are a vital part of the Cream Tea, and these were just shocking. Just fell apart completely. A good scone should be heading just slightly towards the bread side of cake, but these certainly weren't. These were heading towards the crumbly side of dust. And the price of the tea wasn't included with the scones, so for £4.50 I felt mightily ripped off. The worst thing of all was just around the corner was The Tea Shop - a member of the Tea Guild and offering over 40 different types of tea and a vast array of homemade produce - which I didn't even realise was there until we left.

Oh well. On the plus side, it does give me the perfect excuse to come back and try another one!

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