Thursday, 7 October 2010

Signs of Approaching Autumn III

Tights! In funky colours!

yellow tights

(They look a bit mustardy here, but, believe me, they are YELLOW.)

Never mind the approach of autumn, it's here good and proper. After the past few days of dismal cloud and rain, today was my favourite kind of autumn day: bright and ever so slightly crisp. Not cold enough for a coat, but definitely nippy enough for a cotton scarf.

You won't have noticed it from the picture above, but I've faffed around with that particular dress. Here it is in its original state:


And after I tweaked it a bit:

altered grey1

altered grey2

I found that I had made the neck elastic far too short in the original, so I was forever tugging the neckline down, which meant the waist line kept dropping, too, until it was at a really unflattering height and just made the hemline look dowdy. So, I chopped a inch or two off the bodice, stuck in a channel for a belt, and sewed the skirt back on. Then all I had to do was change the elastic in the neck casing for a longer piece. Et voila. Much more flattering, I think. I may do the same on my green, polka-dotted dress, too. The belt, as in my red dress, is just a length of bias binding sewn together. I have tonnes of the stuff knocking around, so I may make belts in other colours. I do love grey paired with pink, yellow or red. Yum.

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