Wednesday, 7 April 2010

Pet Behaviour Brochures

These came through the post for me yesterday:



These are the American project I was working on just after Christmas. They've turned out really rather well, although I did plan three of the covers to be in pink, which the publishers didn't go for, so those three had to be changed. I'm not sure if it effects the balance of the set or not, or if I'm just being a poncey artist about it all, and, really, no one else will even notice! These are a few of my faves:







As well as the covers, there was also a spot illo inside each one with background colour to match the cover:


They sent me a huge envelope full of sets of these babies, so I have loads of them if anyone wants a copy. They also wrote me a lovely thank you card, which I've never got from a publisher before, so that was extra nice. I'm going to have to update my websites with these now, plus Fantastic Mr. Fox, of course, and definitely before I go up to the London Book Fair on the 20th.


knitty_kitty said...

Pleeeeeeeeeeeeease can I have some of the cat ones??

peri said...

I think they are totally fab! I wouldn't mind a peek at some of the dog behaviour ones.....Lottie can be a shitbag sometimes!

peri said...

Blogger ate my comment - naughty blogger. I will post it again.

I think they are totally fab! Wouldn't mind a peek at some of the dog ones....please. Lottie can be a shitbag sometimes - going for cars etc maybe they migh have some tips.

Deb said...

hello Em. It sounds like it was such a nice illo job to do. please can i have couple of them?once i have a new print i will send a 'swap'.dx.

Rona said...

I would love any of your work I could have thans!

pie said...

OMG! They're fabulous! I neeeeeed the cat ones! (no seriously, I do - you've met Sunshine...) x

Catherine said...

I think they're all fab :-)
If you have any of the cat ones going spare, would love to have them (for the pictures as well as advice - my parents have a violent, troubled, totally insane cat...)