Saturday, 24 April 2010

Getting Ready

Here's all my stuff packed and ready to go off to Jubilee tomorrow morning. Luckily, Boyfriend has booked this weekend off so I get to wake him up nice and early to give me a hand taking it down there!


And here is Alice in all her glory:



I'm so chuffed with my Giclee prints. I had them done through Spectrum here in Hove and they are ace. The PV/opening is next Saturday from 2pm in the Learning Centre up on the top floor of Jubilee Library and runs every weekend in May. Come along and take a gander!


Jenny Leggings said...

Looking truly awesome!!!

Wibbo said...

Oooooh, nice!

Deb said...

hello emma. alice looks amazing. also thank you for the mr fox postcard and batch of pet leaflets.there will be a screenprint on its way soon once i have decided on colours.dx.

Holly said...

Since when were you doing an Alice??!!! Awesomeness :D She also reminds me a tiny bit of New Dr Who Girl, but only a tad :)

Holly said...

Ah yes, a surprise I see.

A postcard would be awesomes pleases; it would cheer up my day, which has so far been major toothache and writing notes. And a bit more toothache (is that meant to be 2 words??).

She doesn't look THAAAAAT much like AP, just the teeniest, tiniest bit. I think it's her face shape and the freckles, but I could just be making this up :)