Sunday, 18 April 2010

Another Hobby I Don't Really Have Time For!

I'm sure this happens to you all the time, but I was just sitting on the sofa a couple of nights ago and had the strong urge to just embroider something! You know how it is, right? I haven't actually done any embroidery since I was about 13 years old and they got rid of the haberdashery in my home village (and that was just cross stitch), but Sam lent me one of these. The Sexy Librarians.




I went and got myself an embroidery hoop and some floss from good, old Cocoon yesterday afternoon and got working. The designs come as an iron-on transfer. I dug out a bit of muslin and away I went. (That's my spotty ironing board cover you can see through the fabric, btw.)





Cool, huh? They're not exactly neat, but it was good fun. I certainly had no idea where the evening went. I must say, though, that only a crazy librarian who is a glutton for punishment would wear those kind of shoes to work! It has given me the idea to make my own stitch patterns, though. The two blues and the red and grey are the colours I used in my Fairytale Alphabets last year, so I could do Little Red or Cinderella as a pattern...who knows?!

I have the next week off from library work, but I seem to have filled up my days with other stuff already. It's the London Book Fair on Tuesday, of course, and I think Boyfriend and I will go on a little out-of-town adventure on Friday. Hope the weather stays nice.


Jenny Leggings said...

They look awesome!!! Embroidery is so much fun!! <3

knitty_kitty said...

Just been on the website and am *seriously* tempted to buy a start up kit... These are fab!

pie said...

Cool! Those kits are fab aren't they - I've got the stars & rockets one and am customising baby outfits for my sis's sprog!