Tuesday, 21 July 2009







This morning when I took these photos it was nice and sunny, and I had planned to take more when I went out this afternoon, but, alas, the heavens hath opened.

There are FAR too many tourists in town already. I'm going to have to start avoiding it for the next six weeks or so. I know I should be happy that other people think my city is awesome - it is, after all, and a few years ago I was one of them - but, bloody hell, it's annoying having to pick/push/side step your way past a bunch of people just wandering about!


Deb said...

the final one looks like it is shouting out loud or laughing so hard he fell over. oh if i could draw him some eyes and a speech bubble (and maybe give him a lion mane). dx.

Catherine said...

Nyom strawbs. :-)

I thought my town was bad...but thinking of times I've visited Brighton, I can imagine how packed it must get in midsummer. Sometimes I think they should do 'local person lanes' in the pavement so you don't have to struggle to get to work on time!

Anonymous said...

Lovely strawbs! And I want your camera too! :D
The foreign students are such a pain - I worked just off Oxford St for many years and that's about the only thing that vaguely compares. Local lanes would be a very good idea!

Emm@ said...

Hehe! Go for it, Deb!

Local Lanes sound like an awesome idea to me.

Pie - my camera is actually pretty old! (Well, three years is old in technology terms, right?!) Still takes a good pic, though. I must stop being so lazy and start playing around with the manual functions a bit more.

natural attrill said...

Amazing photo's Emm!