Monday, 13 July 2009

New 'n' Groovy Part II

Not sure what happened to the rest of last week - it's all a bit of a blur! Suffice to say I did mean to blog every day with some more awesome picture book loveliness, but somehow got waylaid on that. Probably due to rediscovering my reading mojo, and in particular Stella Gibbons. Check out "Nightingale Wood". Fabulous and wonderful cover artwork, too.

Anyhoo, here are a couple more of the picture books:



This one is "Walk in New York" by Salvatore Rubbino, another Falmouth BA man. The book developed from sketches he made while visiting NYC in 2004. (Sophie, check out that Sprash action.) I like the boldness and deceptive simplicity of this one. It's a style I could never do in a gazillion years.



This second one is "Shark and Lobster's Amazing Undersea Adventure" written by Viviane Schwarz and illustrated by Joel Stewart, who has a very interesting blog here. This one I've been aware of for about three years now, so it's not particularly new, but I've only just bought it for myself. I love the weird mix of layouts, comic-book-style boxes and Victorian collaged elements.

Right, back with some more soon.

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Holly said...


I'm not 100% sure that you did really, I'm just gonna go ahead and say you did because you have it and I don't :P There are the suspicious circumstances too (namely, timing)...hmm...I'm watching you o.0