Sunday, 5 July 2009

New Chair

Here is my lovely new working chair:


This means I'm not constantly looking up at my screen with my neck at some weird angle, and my forearms are now at 90 degrees to my upper arms, so I can type/mouse without wrist ache and carpal tunnel and all that jazz developing. (This also means Boyfriend can relax and stop getting all worked up about my "terrible working posture" etc. Gaddammit, I hate it when he's right. Bah.) It's uber comfy and has a 10 year guarantee, so I'm sure it will be putting up with the rigours of my illustration work for quite some time to come! Plus, you know, it's BRIGHT BLUE, so that's just awesome in itself.

All I need now, of course, is some work to do while sitting in it. I've been feeling a bit lost since my external hard drive died nearly three weeks ago. It had ALL my work on it, and even though I've got most of it back from other sources - or can redo some things that have gone - it's a bit disconcerting not being able to access my working past. I suppose I'll just have to create some new stuff instead! I'm working on roughs for "Unicorn" and "Wicked Witch" prints, but it will be at least two weeks before I can get back to the print studio. I do now have an almost full list for the other letters, but still missing that elusive Z. (And Y, come to think of it). I also sent out a nearly 50 sets of my Little Red Riding Hood postcards that were left over after the Open House last week, so hopefully some work might come in because of that.

That said, it's FAR too hot to have to concentrate on too much at the moment. At least it's cooled down considerably since the middle of last week. As Friday dawned cloudy and grey, I didn't put my usual Factor 50 on before I left for work, and, walking along the seafront with Boyfriend in the general homeward direction that afternoon, I got sunburned. IDIOT GIRL! That'll teach me, won't it? It's not too bad. My nose is a little pink and my chest a bit more so, but they've both calmed down a bit in the two days since. I'm a little worried to go outside at all now, but I slapped on the suncream and covered up with a cardi when I had to pop out earlier and it was OK. The trials and tribulations of being a pale-skinned half-ginger, eh?

Also, am I the only one who thinks there can be such a thing as too much light? I will remind myself of this in six months time when we're all in the depths of winter and begging for the longer days, but I'm finding the whole light-til-10pm thing a bit odd. There are days when I feel I'd really like an early night but it seems ludicrous to go to bed when it's still light, like I'm five years old or something!

Just me, right?


peri said...

Nope I agree - can't go beebo when it's light. I remember those awful nights of childhood - I let J stay up a bit later in summer.

Nice chair!

Jayleon said...

Evil Day Star. Too Bright. Too Hot. Glairing like a baleful, flaming eye on my poor hot head.

Bah! I'm going back inside.

Holly said...

No. You are wrong. I would say it was just you, but clearly not. LIGHT IS GOOOOOOOOOOOOOD!!!!!

I love it being light late :( It's darkish at 10 now here :( Suckage!! chair!!