Tuesday, 14 October 2008

New Moo

I got my new Moo business cards through this morning. I am uber chuffed with them, which is a really good thing as I was not in the best of moods when I spent hours and hours trying to upload them all last Thursday. Technical glitches aside, they're well worth the hassle. And they came so quickly, too.

I got a box of 50, which should last me a while. I really like the fact that you can have all different images on them, instead of having just the one you have to live with for ages.

The interesting thing is seeing my older and newer work laid out together, and how much my style has developed recently. It's clear to see where my work is now going, and how much I prefer it to my older stuff. The new work looks so clear and bold when printed, compared to the older. Exciting.


Deb said...

they are so nice Em! people will be fighting over them. hope they get you some interest and some work! all the best and have fun handing them out. dx.

Catherine said...

They look fabby. :D Love the new pirate drawings.

PG said...

Lovely Moo cards! You know, your work is so clean graphic it would work really well in 3D.

Holly said...


Thanks for replying, btw :P

natural attrill said...

They look really good Em.
Remember I was talking about getting some done when I met you last year, after seeing Davids, but I've still not got round to it. Toby is talking of getting some himself as well.