Wednesday, 29 October 2008

I am SO down with the Americans, already.

So down, in fact, that I have my Halloween decorations up already.

Well, ceiling decorations, anyway. I'm sure there'll be a whole load more come Friday.

The weather has turned much colder this week, to the extent where I've had to switch my heating on every day. (That makes me sound like such a stinge bucket, but I do prefer just to chuck an extra jumper or pair of socks on instead of always relying on the central heating.) This means after it hanging in my wardrobe for about two months, I get to wear my new purple coat.

Terrible light in there, I know, but I do like the fact the colour compliments my hair so nicely.

I am also working my way VERY slowly through my new books, so I will have my Christmas plans set in next to no time. Not sure how New Boyfriend* will feel about all this early Festive planning, but it does make me feel all snowy and bright already. (At least, that's what I'm going to tell him. He he.)

* I must think of something else to call him, as, after eight months, he really isn't all that new anymore.


Catherine said...

Nice coat :) I'm starting to feel festive myself - but skipping Halloween and going straight on to Christmas!

(Are you a natural Ribena?)

Emm@ said...

Hehehe! Alas, no. 'Tis chemically enhanced ;)

Deb said...

a beautiful new purple coat. my coat is boring and black. enjoy halloween em-your decorations look nice. dx. ps. i showed your promo postcard to a friend of mine today as a shining example of a promoting one's illustration work.

Gail said...

Nice coat Em & love the Halloween decorations you've got up already.

I start panicing when I realise how close Christmas is and I still need to 'do' some Christmas cards and all sorts of other stuff ... ;-)

Misk said...

Ooh Em where did you get your coat from? its lush! xx

Anonymous said...

Good old Primark! A snip at 17 quid. I do seem seem to buy the majority of my clothes there.

Chris.P said...

Great hair!

With you on the central heating,(just call me Bob Cratchit:¬))

I saw the range of CD's/books you illustrated, on a stand in Waterstones Truro the otherday. I was well impressed:¬)

Emm@ said...

Wow! I've not even seen them yet! And here I am out in a bookshop and everything.

natural attrill said...

Love the purple coat Em !