Thursday, 17 July 2008

Haulage Part II

Isn't it great when the postman brings you all sorts of nice things?

First of all, new rentals from LoveFilm to keep me entertained in the evenings, new DPNs from Angelyarns (always excellent, speedy service) and a fabulous King Cole sample card that the lovely people at Texere Yarns sent me free of charge. They are great.

Then three prints I ordered a couple of weeks ago using funds from my PayPal account after selling off four of my eight sets of Monopoly on ebay:

Yes, that red really is that red! They are by Sasha Barr of The New Year. I saw some of her work two years ago at the Sub Screen Sonic poster exhibition in Brighton, and, coming across the catalogue for it again recently, looked up her website and couldn't help spending a few pennies on some her work. I'm going to get some frames for them and then add them to my rapidly-growing screenprint collection. Fab.

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Holly said...


...please tell me you didn't sell the Pokemon one?? *clasps hands and prays for no good reason other than it was cool in a slightly sad way*

Dude...I just don't know what to say...I'm stunned. Look at this face:


Says it all, right?