Tuesday, 15 July 2008


I went to the lovely Steph's house on Sunday, and, due to her pre-move de-clutter, went away with this amazing haul o'knitting:

The old tin (I love tins, especially old ones) contains an assortment of buttons (I LOVE buttons). Steph found them high up on an almost unreachable shelf in the first flat she ever lived in by herself, and now she has passed them on to me. I will love them like they were my very own.

She also tagged me, like, a million years ago (well, back in May, anyway) to write a Five Things About Me thing, which I must get round to doing. Apologies for my general lateness.


Holly said...


Button, button, who's got the button??

I think that would be YOU ^_^

Steph said...

Heh, you do things much more artfully than me. I am currently surrounded by *crap* and am sort of not amazed at how much I have :D

Glad you liked the buttons though!