Sunday, 27 January 2008

What I Have Been Doing

Seagulls from my sketchbook for my current project:

And just a bit of fun inking and then digitally colouring this one:

I have to admit for someone who is usually anti-sketchbook I've really enjoyed scribbling out these seagulls and really developing the characters. Just being able to stick them down and try things out without it mattering too much has been really helpful. I always find it hard not to overwork things, particularly at the start of a project.

For the final artwork I am inking up the main character in each story with a dip pen - as you can see on the last image - and that's made the line really interesting. The flat digital colour sits really well beside it - they contrast and balance each other nicely. I must have a play with making more simple, dip pen characters with flat, digital fill. It could be a great alternative portfolio. Yay!


Marisa Bogg said...

ooo! Nice sketches. The seagull looks cheeky to me. And his flight poses are very dynamic.

Gail said...

These seagulls look fun. It's nice to try some new techniques and this one seems to work so well. I look forward to seeing how this project pans out ;)

Catherine said...

Fab seagulls :D

natural attrill said...

These are really really nice Em, great little characters. I especially like the top 2 sheets with lots on a page.Good luck with your work.

ladysnail said...

great seagulls! the one in the second image which is sitting on the rooftop looks fab! dx.