Monday, 21 January 2008

My Whole Life is Organised in This Notebook

Woe betide me if I forget it. I need to put it on a cord like kids' mittens to thread through my jumper so it's always there.


natural attrill said...

I like that little elephant, top right.

clare said...

Yay - a fellow moleskin fan! I love how you have customised the outside with your own drawings: )


Emm@ said...

Ahhh, not my own drawings but stickers from my Charlie and Lola 2008 calendar!

Gail said...

Good to see you back blogging Emma!

I recognised those stickers - I've got the Charlie and Lola diary - very grown up ;)

It's amazing how much of our lives a little notebook can hold ;)

Holly said...

Did you just update your profile and pic? Like, right now? How cool if you did! Oh hiyaz!!

And if you didn't...

...well, that ruins my fun.

ladysnail said...

hello emma. wow-alot of updating going on. sounds like you have a got a plan of action for 2008. i myself have got a diary that never leaves my side. unlike before i am actually using mine and not getting bored. it is very good to be organised. dx.

paula said...

I like the look of your new blog, happy new year if I haven't said it already! I liked reading your list of goals too :o)
oh, and beautiful diary - i've never really kept a diary of things to remember... i have a calandar on my wall though so I can see everything at a glance! It's a Wizardology calandar, fabulous - lots of hints and tips on becoming a wizard. (took me ages to find a calandar I liked, they're all cats/dogs/horses/flowers/countryside scenes... which are lovely, but I wanted an illustrated calandar!) anyway, i'm rambling now... hope 2008 is good to you :o)

Emm@ said...

Hi everybody!

So many comments! Thank you.

Holly, I updated my profile the day before you commented. Soz and all that.

The good thing is that I've already managed to cross a few things off my resolution list. Hurrah!

(It can only go downhill from here)