Tuesday, 31 July 2007

Well, hell-air. Here are some crafty items for you all:

They measure 17cm x 12.5cm, with sewn felt and safety eyes. I love the pink striped one. Her expression is just so cute, yet wary. Bit like a bunny.

These are mega quick to make. I can knit up and finish one of these babies in a few hours. I tend to knit the legs and join them all together, have a break, then knit the rest of the body in one evening, then stuff and sew the eyes the next morning. So I've made these five in the past week. I have the method down to a T now, but supplies are running low. I still haven't done the major wool shop, so I think that will be on the cards for tomorrow.

I'm not sure what to do next, though. Do I put these guys up on Etsy, or concentrate on making a whole load more for HK Handknit? Perhaps I could limit myself to evening knitting, but make up some button bracelets and windmills for Etsy, especially as the weather is actually nice now and the windmills don't seem like such a crazy idea!

Mucho love to Bentin who recommend Flickr Uploader to me today. Genius!


natural attrill said...

These are fantastic, I love them, they look so good altogether.

lorna said...

Pink stripey one is my fave too. They are SO fab!

Holly said...

They are so, SO cute!!

Awwwwwwwwwww >_<

Catherine said...

Ooooh they're all so cute! :D

I was wondering if you would like a ball of Patons Art? It is the 'licorice' colour - rusty orange, burgundy, deep navy blue - and 50g. It came in to work recently and since we don't sell wool (we generally take it to a shop over the road) I decided it was far too yummy not to rescue...but of course I can't knit! I don't know if its enough to do much with but I realised it could make a cute, very small, treacle monster, maybe? You're welcome to it if you want it. :)

ladysnail said...

wow! they look fab altogether. dx

Marisa said...

Flippin' heck! You have been sooo busy. I love them, such a cute bunch!

Sylver said...

Oh. My. Gosh. They are the cutest things on the web. I love them so much. I hope you can get more supplies. :)