Tuesday, 7 August 2007

Round our way, the postman usually comes at 10am. I waited and waited and waited for him, but in the end I just had to get in the shower. Of course, the very moment I jumped out, the doorbell rang, so, swathed in my towel-turban and my - thankfully - all-encompassing bath sheet, I answered the door somewhat shyly to find the postman, not only with our post, but eight - EIGHT!- other packages for next door, too.

But embarrassment aside, he did bring me my new supplies, and a fab pressie from the lovely Cat:

And a batch of safety eyes I ordered also arrived today, so it's back on with the monsters.

Since last Sunday I have been by myself in the house as Lovely Jon has been working up at the Edinburgh Festival. It hasn't been too bad - not nearly as terrible as I thought it was going to be - but he came back yesterday to spend a couple of days with me before going back up to the grindstone. It's been lovely not actually doing any work at all for the past day or two. A bit weird, but lovely. I can't remember the last time LJ didn't make his excuses sometime during a "day off" to go and check his emails or answer the phone, so it's been really nice to have him all to myself. Speaking of which, must get in the squdge (cuddle) time while I can.....


Sylver said...

I'm glad you got your yarn and saftey eyes.:)

Anonymous said...

'ello! you just added me as a friend on that there Ravelry so I was nosing though your blog :-) Glad to "meet" another Surrey knitter!

Do you know where the Patons Art was from? I'm knitting a scarf with it at the moment with some that friends gave me - but I haven't been able to find it online ANYWHERE! I think my scarf might be slightly short. I've been trying to be Zen about it, but if I could get hold of another ball from somwhere that would be fab!