Wednesday, 18 July 2007

For an illustration blog, illustration has been a bit thin on the ground. As has the Universe and we're decidedly lacking in Everything. What I can provide is plenty of apology and an offer to show you the graphic design work I've been working on lately, just to prove that I do actually do something.

Here are just a couple of pieces that I'm quite chuffed with:

On the whole, my experience of this year's Edinburgh lead-up hasn't been too bad. There has been only one awkward nutter amongst the sane people (and every year there is always is one), it just takes much, much, longer than you think it will. Thankfully, the last of the promo material has gone off to the printers today, so I can finally breathe a sigh of relief.

However, 37 boxes of A5 flyers and two boxes of A3 posters were delivered today and are currently busily taking up room in my dining room. They're for a tour Lovely Jon has organised for the autumn, so he and I are going to go through them all and sort them into piles of the required amount for each venue on the tour and send them off before LJ goes off to Edinburgh in a couple of weeks. Last year I had a very bad experience of this. The very day LJ went off for the month, 26 boxes were delivered on an enormous palette, and three days late, I have to add. Despite the printers promising the delivery guys would help us inside with the boxes, the driver just left them outside our flat. On the palette. So I had to carry each box up the steep flight of stairs to our flat with a bandaged hand and in 37 degree heat, and find somewhere to stash an gigantic palette in a narrow road of garden-less Victorian terraced houses. I was not amused. Especially as the two blokes sitting outside the pub opposite just sat and watched me struggle with them. And the guy who came to pick them up once they'd been divided up was the rudest person in the entire world. But never mind. That won't be happening this time.

But anyway, it's all out the way now. All I have to do now is write my enormous invoice for the work. Mwah-hah-hah! And then I can get back to being all crafty for my Etsy shop. I must also make a start on the monsters for HK Handknit. November sounds a long way off, but I know it's going to creep up on me. If I manage to knit one a week, then that is 14 weeks and 14 monsters. That doesn't sound too bad. Plus, I can go on a marathon wool-buying trip and that's always fun.


lorna said...

The fliers are brilliant Em. You've got a great eye for interesting design.

Catherine said...

They look great, I like the font you went with in the end, very fun. :)
What a shambles last year for you though!