Wednesday, 6 September 2006

Well, after two really rather lazy weeks, I've finally got back to the Eeries.

Here is the WLC in black and white:

I am totally in love with black and white at the moment. Can't get enough. Very strange as I've never, ever done any. That must be why - the draw of the new! I've always envisaged the WLC - and all the Eeries illos - in B&W. If it's ever published they would be in B&W, so I'm finding it really hard to approach them in colour, especially as a group. I think the singular Mrs. B-S works well, but putting all that colour together........hmmmmmm.

So, to try and get my head around it I've been having a quick play about with laying thin colours underneath in PhotoShop. I really don't want to lose the lovely textures in the black, and this is the only way I can think of doing it. The idea is that it looks like an old, hand-tinted photograph.

Not bad for a first attempt.

Both Kingfisher and Hodder have turned down the Eeries, so I'm meeting up with Mark to go through the text on the 19th. That also gives me a definite deadline for the portfolio pieces. Should get my bum in gear, at least!


Lucy said...

Hi Emma,

Have you written The Eeries?
Love your WLC illustration. Fingers crossed that you get it published!
Lucy x

Chichi Parish said...

Simply fab, Emm@