Monday, 25 September 2006

I've had a rather busy couple of weeks, and have really got down to the Eeries portfolio pieces.

So, amongst others, there's the WLC in colour - which, I have to say, I love, as does Mark, thankfully - and a colour version of the Eerie family from the original piece I did waaaaay back in February. I start off by painting it purely in B&W, and then scanning that in and laying thin, thin, thin colour underneath in PS. I found that the lairier colours make the best thin "washes". You don't want to see them at their full opacity! Yeeeech.

I've also been working on that pesky train spread today. There are two versions of it - one from above and one from below. This is "above".

"Below" will hopefully follow tomorrow, in some form or another.

Also had my Mighty Mouse delivered today! Much easier to use than my prehistoric iMac mouse, but annoyingly loses the bluetooth connection when the computer goes to sleep. Have changed my settings so it never goes to sleep, but I'm sure there must be an easier way around it.

In other exciting news, the Plum Pudding website is up and running today.Mark has also moved into his new premises in Wandsworth (At least, I hope he has. That was the plan!) I have to say, as lovely as the site itself is, I HATE most of my work on it. All the more reason to get on with some really good portfolio pieces to replace all the old embarrasing stuff. After all, I can't get the work I want if the work I'm showing is completely different, can I?

Went up to London yesterday and popped into the Mac Store on Regent's Street. It's Ikea for boys.


tlc illustration said...

These are so very cool. My most favorite thing of yours that I've seen yet, I believe.

Holly :D said...

Well I say, old chap, you've FINALLY got moving and posted some new material!! And excuuuuuuse ME, but that is such a sexist comment about the Mac Store!! AND Ikea! I am more than positive that I would prefer the Mac Store one hundred times over to Ikea. So :P :D But I expect you'll have something to say about that. Well. Goodbye :)

Tommy-Rocket said...

Gorge, gorge, gorgeous!
But you know I thought that already.
Just thought I'd a add a comment to make you look all popular like ;o)