Tuesday, 26 September 2006

I'm not sure I will get used to this watercolour malarkey. Having to wait for each layer to dry before you get on with the next feels a bit lazy to me. Oh well. Plenty of time for knitting in between!

I have two versions of my "below" spread. The first bleeds off the page, the second is confined by a frame, but has the train jumping out.

I think I prefer the second. More movement. I'll see what young Mr. Mills thinks.

I went up to the allotment this afternoon as well. Lovely to get out of the house, and the weather was pretty stunning, too. I picked LOADS of tomatoes, and there are still many more ready to ripen. I want to make a green tomato chutney (good for Crimbo pressies. Eeek! Crimbo!) with any left over, but at this rate the Indian Summer will have ripened them all. Not that I'm complaining as such, but I really, really want to wear my new boots and my stripy jumpers. Not to mention my selection of self-knitted fingerless gloves!


lorna said...

I love the second one bestest Emm@.

Green tomato chutney huh? I was thinking of having a bash at that. :o)

Holly said...

No! Not the chutney!! ANYTHING but the chutney!!

Uhh...oh yeah!! Fingerless gloves!! I SOOOO wanna wear my Gloves Of Wonder, but I can't while it's still this warm :( Ah well...winter's not too far off...and you know what that means!!