Friday, 31 January 2014

Month's End

Another January over, another traditional first month of the year blog-a-thon.

It's not been quite as hard this time as it has been in some years to come up with a blog post for every day of January; possibly thanks to all my photos of Stuart the Minion. Again, as I seem to puzzle every year, I'm not sure why blogging every day in January appeals so much, but here I am!

Again, I don't really have any firm resolutions for the coming year, and, again, I've found it easier to make a plan at the end of the month rather than the beginning, when I might now have some kind of inkling of what kind of year it's going to be. Busy, I think! (When isn't it?!)

There is a new PT job and a new(ish) flat in a new town, and lots of exploring to do around these parts, which is very exciting. Hopefully there will be more illustration work and the new PT job means a bit more of a regular income to keep paying those bills, and, who knows, maybe even enough to save for that four legged friend we've been wanting for so long!

Definitely, though, I want to continue on the plan I decided on last January, which is REDUCE. A load of stuff got donated/recycled/sold before the move, but there's so much more that can still go.

(Not the pictures of minions, though, right? They can stay, yeah?)

Stuart in the park at lunch time.


Peri said...

The minion must stay. One of my friends gave me an evil minion so my Stuart now has a buddy....kind of.

Emm@ said...

Ahem. I might've bought an Evil Minion, too.....