Saturday, 13 July 2013

Last Two for Now

And so on to the other two books.

These two are activity books published by the lovely peeps at Autumn Publishing. My AD, Gemma, used to work for SGA illustration agency when I was a member there. We always got on really well, so it was great to finally be able to work on a project together.

These are the first activity books I've done, and they were SO much fun. I particularly LOVE designing the mazes, and could quite happily spend days fiddling about putting in little roads and obstacles here and there!

Anyway, here is the first:

knights cover

Yep, more knights and horses. I'm ya go-to gal for those these days.

knights 3

knights 2

knights 4

knights 6


knights 9

knights 7

The second is superheroes (AWESOME):

heroes cover

heroes 4

heroes 6

heroes 5

heroes 3


heroes 7

I'm so chuffed with how these came out. The paper quality is lovely and the matt finish just yummy. The stickers look AMAZING on their glossy, bright white paper, and I love, love, LOVE the spot varnish on the main characters on the cover (not that you can tell it's there from my photos, but, trust me, it is and it's blummin' fantastic.)

Right, that's all of 'em. I have another two activity books coming out at the end of this month, also for Autumn Publishing, on a historical theme and in a slightly different format. I will, naturally, be bigging those up in due course!

Now to update my long-neglected portfolios and get some postcards printed.....

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