Thursday, 25 July 2013

Ice Cream of the Week #2

Goat's Cheese and Cherry:

goats cheese and cherry

Again, another one you'd think would be weird, but again another one that's delicious; it's basically cherry cheesecake flavour.

I used the same basic base of Jeni's, but I'm afraid I really don't like it. The texture is just all wrong, and churning it takes forever. Scooping it up into a nice, firm, one-piece ball is a nightmare, too. So, although the Jeni's flavours are fab, I'm going to go back to Nigel Slater's basic ice cream recipe for my base.

I couldn't find the cherry compote I wanted, and fresh cherries were a tad on the Very Bloody Expensive side, so I went for a soft-set, fruit-packed cherry jam and watered it down a bit. It worked really well. I think I'll go back and give this flavour another go with Nigel's base.

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