Sunday, 14 April 2013

MMA 2013

Back in January, I rashly decided to join in with MMA 2013, in the fanciful belief I probably wouldn't have much on end of Feb/beginning of March and would have plenty of time to devote myself to something. Ahem.

The idea behind MMA, or Mail Me Art, is that you take an envelope, create a piece of artwork using NO DIGITAL MEANS upon it, and post it off. The addition of stamps, post marks, scribbles or dents only increases the appeal of the final art as it arrives (or not, as the case may be) at its final destination.

This is my entry, Parcel (to be pronounced in dubious French accent) the dragon:

Emma McCann FRONT

Emma McCann BACK2

Not having access to Ctrl+Z was perhaps the hardest thing I've had to face in my recent career; I'd almost forgotten how to use real paint with a brush! I think he's come out OK, though. I do like using brown paper to draw on, it's a little less intimidating than a big, ol' blank white space, and limiting your palette is always much more fun than using every colour under the sun. And he's up there in my banner, too.

There is going to be an exhibition in London in August and a book of all the entries to follow. Can't wait to see them all in the flesh, but there is an online gallery of those received so far up here.


Peri said...

He is wonderful!

Flora said...

Catching up on a bit of blog reading... gosh you've been busy! Love this project, what a great idea, and Parcel is ace.