Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Fame at Last!

So now I've had a bit of a breather, it's given me a bit of objectivity to be able look back on what I've been working on over the past couple of months without screaming "NO! NO! TAKE ME AWAY FROM ALL THIS! I CAN'T DRAW ANYTHING ELSE!!!!"

One of the most exciting projects has been some development work for Egmont, in particular, their new imprint, The Red Shed. Here is the Rights Guide brochure they had printed to take to the Bologna Book Fair last month (with lovely cover art by Ben Scruton), and there is lil' ol' me in my spot within:

Red Shed Rights Guide 2013


If you've been popping in now and again, the Red Shed stuff has been what I term "The Goo Project" and it's the Instagram photos of green, slimy crazy professors, bugs (don't EVER Google Image Search an eyelash mite - just don't. You don't want the nightmares), poo, wee, farts, brains, witches etc etc you would've seen.

I'm just finishing off a few bits and pieces of the initial work in time for the London Book Fair next week, then, hopefully, it will become a whole book. Full of farts.

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