Wednesday, 2 May 2012

New Print!

Back in March, I was contacted by lovely lady called Rachael who wondered if I ever undertook commissions, and, if so, if I'd be up for designing a screenprint for her based on The Enormous Turnip. Indeedy, I was.





This one is a three-colour print, and, even though I told Rachael I probably wouldn't have it done until the end of April, a nice break in my current illo project a few weeks ago meant I managed to get in to the print room and get it all printed up in one day. I do like it when the Print Room Zen just flows and you can simply crack on. I've tried to make it look properly old and battered, as if it really might be a mass-printed poster for a long-ago circus act. It works, I think.

Rachael's family's nickname is "The Turnips", so they've always seen The Enormous Turnip as "their" story, so I was happy to create something so personal for them. The dates on the poster refer to Rachael's wedding day, and the birthday of her daughter (not in the same year, I hasten to add!) I've sent it off to its new home now where I hope it'll spread a little screenprinty joy.

Rachael graciously allowed me to create a whole edition of these, so they are up right now, freshly listed in my Folksy shop here. I'll also have this print at the Jubilee Library AOH all through May. There are notecards to match, and these, along with copies of this print and some of my other prints, will be for sale on the opening afternoon only, this Saturday 5th May. Do come along!

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pie said...

I love it!! So cute!