Saturday, 26 May 2012

Cut, Sew, Stick, Rinse, Repeat

It has been a weird mixture of busy creativity and utter lethargy recently here at Illustration Towers. I've made some alterations on the current project (which I'm just waiting to hear about, hopefully it's all finished now), and have moved straight on to crafting it up for the upcoming Craftaganza Fair over the Jubilee Bank Holiday

To say the crafting is not going to plan is an understatement. You plan these things, you see, but they never seem to run to schedule. I've had some issues with components not quite fitting, running out of supplies, and, yesterday, unable to find the half metre of yellow spotty fabric I bought just before Christmas and I KNOW I had out on the work table a month ago, unused. I still have no idea where it is.

However, things seem to be sloooooowly getting back on track. I bought this splendacular printable, washable fabric from the amazing Crafty Computer Paper (who also supply the printable shrinky plastic). So far, I've just printed some labels, but other possibilities are whizzing round my brain. Dolls, maybe. I've got over a week to get my craft groove back on track, so that'll be enough time, right? RIGHT?!!!

Ha! Home-printed fabric labels. AMAZING.
Excuse crappy photo of said labels, it was rather late. 

So, the lethargy. That'll be the weather's fault. For most of this week, it's actually been summer, which is lovely. However, the past few weeks have been miserable and moody, and that, quite frankly, just makes me want to sit down with a pot of tea, a DVD and my knitting. There has been mucho knitting. In fact, I've nearly finished the jumper I started knitting last November. It's getting a bit hot to have it on my lap now, though, so I'm knitting in the evenings and trying to get it done ASAP. Not that I'll be able to wear it until the autumn (hopefully!) but I'm really enjoying ticking things off the old "To Finish" list. Now it's sunny, I want to do a hundred things, and all at once. Who knew I was solar powered?

Right, back to sewing up a storm for me. And maybe a walk to Boho Gelato later.

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