Saturday, 31 March 2012

Seven Months in One Book

I am unspeakably chuffed to be able to share some of this at last. This is the first part of the HUGE year-long project I was working on for OUP last year. Ta da!!! Splash A is the first part, Splash B is the second which is out a bit later on this year. Finally I have something new to put in my portfolio and on my website!


I shared a little sneaky bit of the cover about this time last year. It's so exciting to hold it in my hands and appreciate all the hard work that has gone in to putting it all together.


This page has intentionally blank areas for the kids to colour in.


These "storycards" come in two sizes. There are larger, A4-ish sized versions which come in the "Teachers' Pack" which I haven't received yet. As they're a bit wider, they have a bit more background artwork in them. I just had to work to two sets of guidelines; one encompassing the centre of the action which you can see here, and another wider set containing a bit more of the landscape. Can't wait to see those at the larger size.



Stickers!! How cool. These have been printed on lovely, glossy paper which just makes the colours pop so beautifully. I love Tex the Turtle here. MY WORK IS ON A STICKER!!!!!!!

tex sticker

finger puppets front

finger puppets back

Pop-out cardboard finger puppets, front and back.

dizzy dress up doll

And a dress-up doll of Dizzy the Duck and her winter wardrobe.
I'm so, so pleased with how it's turned out. It was a mammoth task and one I'm so glad I took on. It's so weird to look through it and remember "Oh, yeah, such and such was happening when I drew that" and "Yeah, I was listening to this or that audiobook while colouring that part". This project meant I could move house, pay the year's council tax in one go, and spend far too much on shoes. Thanks, OUP, it was a fab job and one I hope everyone is proud of.

Show me the second part!

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