Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Oh, Hello, Blog

Long time no see. The past couple of weeks have been just a tad busy. My new illo project is on, and I was working like a crazy loon getting the first roughs done for last Monday, resulting in a late night/early morning finish of 5.42am on Monday itself. I blame that on liking having January off so much I just couldn't get back in the swing of things. Ahem.

Roughs in, Hubbo and I had our customary February week off, with much hiking of hikes, visiting of interesting places and consuming of cream teas. We went to Bath for a couple of days, and visited Avebury Manor, which you might've seen on TV late last year, and Lacock, TV and film location extraordinaire. For uber Potter fans, Lacock Abbey is part of Hogwarts, and the village itself Godric's Hollow and Budleigh Babberton, as well as Cranford.




pan reflection


soap tin


custard powder


dining room



Today I'm having one of those sort-it-out-plan-it-good days which will hopefully mean I won't be working til 5am again any time soon. Tomorrow, I've crazily agreed to run a couple of illustration/storytelling workshops at a local primary school where I'm hoping this idea will go down well again. Wish me luck!

**Just realised I totally missed my six year Bloggerversary on the 13th. Happy belated Birthday, blog.**

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