Friday, 3 February 2012

A for Awesome

A lovely package for me this morning: puppets and aprons! My lovely AD at OUP sent me the first real-life glimpse of all the work I've been doing over the past year.

tex apron

I think I was banging on about designing the apron back in May. The darker green shadow on the skin has come out a little too dark; the AD wanted it taken off completely, but the printers forgot! Oh, well, still it's an APRON WITH MY CHARACTER ON IT!!!! I'm torn between keeping it pristine and cooking in it everyday. The pocket on the front where the zip is is designed to hold the flash cards that come with the book.

The puppets I didn't have to draw anything specific for, they're just based on my characters. Aren't they great? Hours of fun! I'm so pleased to see it all in the flesh; can't wait for the printed stuff to arrive now.

franki puppet2

frankie puppet1

dizzy puppet1

spot puppet

(I do feel a bit bad putting my finger up Spot the ladybird's bum, though!)


Peri said...

Brilliant! Love the ladybird!

Holly said...

Me and Mum say that they are lovely XD

Deb said...

Lovely. Nice to see what you have been hibernating working on Em. The apron looks cool and I think the shadowing bit is fine. x