Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Tin Tastic

I bought this tin waaaaaay before Christmas, mainly because I just love M&S' Crimbo biscuit tins, but also because I wanted to stuff my face with the shortbread inside. I discovered, t'other day while searching for lovely Gocco prints, that this was designed by the amazing Lab Partners (their photo above). I've LOVED their stuff for a while, so I was rather chuffed to find out it was their work. The only difference is that, IRL, the tin does not have any blue-skinned people on it, they're off-white. Granted, they do stand out better from the background now, but it makes me slightly uncomfy none the less....

I really do need to curb my tin habit for next Christmas; I have them coming out the wazoo right now.

1 comment:

Tola said...

you can mail me tins of Cadbury Roses anytime you like!