Sunday, 22 January 2012

Busy Bee

I spent all day Friday in the printroom printing up more Wolves and Woodsmen because I have RUN OUT of all three of my Little Red Riding Hood Designs. Shocking. It's taken 2.5 years for all the Woodsmen and Grandmas to go, but I'm now on my fourth printing of Wolfy. I must've been highlighted on someone's blog or on Pinterest or something recently, as I've sold nine prints over the past two weeks, which is just crazy for January. I barely sold anything in the run up to Crimbo! Ain't loife strange sometimes.


I'm back in the printroom Tuesday morning to get more Grandmas done, then that's me finished on these for now. I would have loved to have got them all printed up on Friday, but that was asking quite a lot for one day; I was flagging come 4.30pm as it was. So, Tuesday it is.


I've printed the new lot of Woodsmen up in a more eggy shade of orange this time, just to ring the changes a bit. The saffron shade of the background really sings against the dark, dark grey of the outline, but then I would say that as I'm biased.

I've also FINALLY done the sensible thing and ordered a job lot of poster tubes. Can't quite believe it's taken me this long. The double trips to the Post Office - one to get a tube, the other to post the print off - are just getting on my wick, so, at last, I've done something about it! Duh.

The new Wolves are already up in my Folksy shop, along with a Bumper Deal to get all three prints for a bargainous 35 squid, saving a tenner on the individual prices. I am generosity itself. If you'd like to take a gander, that would be grand, ta veh much.


Jenny Leggings said...

Love these prints! my woodsman is on my wall making the place look awesome!

pie said...

I love my wolf! If I liked yellow I'd have probably had a woodsman off you too :)