Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Moon Over Soho

You may remember that back in May I was banging on about Rivers Of London by Ben (Genius) Aaronovitch. Well, lovely Audible released the sequel, Moon Over Soho, a couple of weeks ago and I had to wait patiently until 3rd August for my next lot of credits to be available so I could go grab it like a crazy woman, download and start listening ASAP. So, I've listened to it TWICE in five days. It's that awesome. Grab a copy if you can. Cannot WAIT for the third installment, which I thought was going to be in the autumn, but Amazon says will actually be next March. Sooner the better, I say!

Again, fab cover, although I still haven't found out who the artist is:

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Peri said...

I think I enjoyed the 2nd one more because the plot and characters were established. I can't wait for number 3.