Friday, 19 August 2011

An Hour in the Park

This morning I had to go and pick up my prescription from the docs, so I thought I'd be a daredevil and ride my bike there, taking a leisurely route via Preston Park. It was such a lovely morning, bright, warm, but not too hot, not too busy and offering the promise of tea and toast at the Rotunda Cafe.



Nothing like a bit of alfresco knitting with your breakfast.



Beautiful roses still in bloom.


A literal jungle of plants between the tennis courts.




Busy, busy bumble bee.



Orange and purple. Luvverly.



I had one of those "everything is just right in the world" moments as I slowly cycled around taking snaps of the wonderful flowers that just seemed to be taking over the fences. This is Jenny, my noble steed:



I hope to get out and about on her much more often now I'm feeling a bit better. I was quite impressed with myself that I managed the round trip today with no problems at all! My aim for the early autumn is to cycle over to Stanmer Park to have a picnic and take some photos one morning. If I can do that, then I know I'm on the mend good and proper.

It was just a lovely, lovely hour and a bit. I do love being self-employed and having the flexibility to take an hour out of the day to get a bit of fresh air. It's all back to the grindstone now, though; the deadline is approaching with alarming speed!

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Jenny Leggings said...

<3 sounds wonderful!