Sunday, 12 September 2010


Another project to share. After umm-ing and ahh-ing for weeks about what to get, I finally decided to make a set of three different sized zippy pouches for my friend Sally (the one who's off on the year-long round-the-world trip who we are not jealous of at all) for her leaving present. I thought they'd be small and light and practical at the same time:



retro flowers1


The fabrics are either from my stash, or ones lovely people gave me for my birthday. I think all of them came from the fabulous Fabric Rehab. I think I'm finally happy with the outcome of these. The best tutorial I've found is this one (although obviously I miss out the clear pocket part), and I use fusible interfacing ironed on to the reverse of the outer fabric, and a heavy weight sew-in interfacing sandwiched between the outer and inner fabrics. Nice and sturdy without being too thick and cumbersome. LOVE these. Think many a Crimbo present may have one of these in there somewhere this year.

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