Monday, 27 September 2010

Annnnd We're Back!

Well hello!

We are back from our travels and trying to acclimatise back into B&H life, wash five mountains of laundry and catch up with the 277 emails in my inbox. Thank you all for your lovely comments on my last post and for the cards we've been sent. Here are a few more photos, then I'll leave it alone as the whole girly-scream-oh-I-have-elbows-weddings-blah-cake-dress-flowers ick is the main reason we didn't go for all that in the first place:




I'm working my way through my New Forest/Cornwall photos and will put a few up when they're suitably fiddled with, and I have a couple of calendar pages to catch up on. Plus, I'm sending out my new postcard this week and I have step-by-step snapshots of how I put it together to share, which is interesting for me as a documentary of how I work at the moment (or even just how I worked on that particular day), but I hope won't be really dull for you!

I also am trying VERY hard to forget about the two weeks of sugar/carbohydrate overload. The two or three ice creams a day are especially proving difficult to get over. Back to the good diet 100% now.


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