Saturday, 10 October 2009

We Have Confirmation

The flat is going to be ours! Woo! I've been trying not to think about it too much, just in case it all goes wrong, but this week it was confirmed that we can move into the new flat in Hove from the 24th. That's two weeks' time. Eek! Unfortunately, pretty much everyone else is off from work the week beginning 26th, leaving me in charge, so I can't take that week off to properly move in. I have booked the following week off, though, so that's when the main move will happen. Lots to do before then. I've been putting off sending the RV postcards out, but I'm going to do that before this coming Tuesday and begin work on my Christmas card idea - not that I have any inkling what that's going to be yet! I'd like to have it all done before the move.

Boyfriend and I went to Ikea yesterday afternoon to buy new bedlinen and decide on a new bedframe. We need a wardrobe, too, but neither of us are very keen on the selection there. I think that'll be a second hand, charity shop, paint-it-in an-awesome-colour job. Boyfriend made me laugh trying out all the office chairs and pretending to be some big-shot business man. I've never known a dude to be so keen in a furniture shop. I also managed to get a couple of Christmas presents and spent a good 20 minutes getting excited over all the nice red and white decorations they have in for this year. I'll have to go back to pick up a few.

I also found this awesome tray while I was there. Not sure if I'll eat off it - it's bit too nice for that - so I may keep it on my desk to organise my smaller arty bits and bobs:




Suffice to say, I hung around the fabric department for ages touching all the pretty cloth. There's this amazing new range that's patterned more like a large print, or even like a roll of wallpaper - one with crabs and sea life on it, one like a park with squirrels and trees, one with birds in cages... All VERY nice, but I can't seem to find pictures of it online anywhere. Maybe it's too new.

Right, I'm going off to play with zips and buttons. Photos to come.

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