Tuesday, 6 October 2009


Here's my stall from Sunday:




It was a enjoyable show with a good, constant crowd of people who seemed genuinely interested in what was for sale. Lots of other lovely stalls, but I managed to restrain myself from buying anything. I was a bit worried about the venue when we got there and realised it was the same room they have the weekend comedy nights in (ie dark and industrial looking), but once all the stalls were set up it looked fab. I didn't sell loads - no prints at all! - but a fair bit. The Scrabble tile badges were very popular, so I'll definitely make more of those to put up in the various shops. I'm so glad it's over, though! I didn't have that much to make, but all the packaging and sign-making took forever. Boyfriend did a stirling job helping me with everything. Not sure he envisioned spending his whole weekend that way, but he didn't complain once. Ain't he good, eh? He was well rewarded Sunday night with bangers and mash for dinner, followed by homemade apple & plum turnover and Cookies & Cream ice cream.

Hmmm....just remembered there's two thirds of that tub left....


Jayleon said...

Wait, what? Don't eat it all!

Holly said...

OMG nice use of Scrabble tiles!! Awesomenessssssssssss

BTW, trains suck.