Monday, 17 September 2007

Last week I asked the lovely fairies at the Society of Secret Fairies if there was to be an autumn exchange. The reply said they hoped so, but things were a bit manic. I offered to help out, and so here I am creating my first invite and taking on my first stint as fairy organiser!:

I hope lots of people will want to take part. All the info for the exchange is over on the SOSF blog.


Anonymous said...

You know that photo you have of you on the left hand side of your blog doesn't do you about that one you had of you a couple of weeks ago? You're a pretty and intelligent lady, envy you your youth too but wont hold it against you.

Emm@ said...

Well, thank you, Anonymous. Not often I hear such nice comments. I do need to change my photo, I know. I'll have to get my sister to take a good one of me.

miss*R said...

Hi Emma, did you get my information for the swap? I am looking forward to it!