Thursday, 13 September 2007

How bizarre that your home grown produce totally dies off in the July rains, only to come back to life again at the end of the season, thus:

And here:

They did look like this:

and most of them still do, but the others have literally come back from the dead after a bathe in the sunshine. Odd.

Shame it's pretty much the sum total of this year's harvest, though!


natural attrill said...

Amazing resurection!

ladysnail said...

what penny said! i bet they grew when you werent looking! like they gre in secret or something. dx.

ladysnail said...

gre us grew! stupid typing fingers. dx.

PG said...

That's bizarre, the only tomatoes we got were yellow cherries too, (Golden Sunrise I think) we managed to pick off a couple of pounds and they are ripening to yellow perfection in the window. Maybe this species has some resistance to blight? We lost about 25 plants...:(

Falafel said...

I thinkthis has been a veery strange year for all sorts of things and the sun has made my plooms grow funny and I'm glad your tomart, er tommmer, vegtubel things are growing agen.

Lots of love,