Thursday, 14 June 2007

Oh dear. That was a bit depressing, wasn't it? Sorry to harp on a bit. Just needed to get that out. Thanks to all those who have commented or emailed. You are all lovely, lovely people.

But back to fun, flippery and frivolity. What's my guilty pleasure at the moment? That's right: buttons! Yay!

These are most of the ones I've been buying on ebay over the past week. I. Must. Stop. Now. But they are yummy, aren't they? I must take a picture of the drool-worthy collection Lovely Jon bought me back from Edinburgh last week from HK Handknit, but my little Samsung is a bit rubbish indoors. A new camera is no.1 on my birthday list this year, I think.

Speaking of HK Handknit, the lovely Jeanette there has agreed to stock my monsters for Christmas. Hurrah! This is fabulous news. And plenty of time to knit them up, too. I have a little guy who's been waiting for me to stitch his eyes down properly for a couple of weeks now, poor love. I'll get him finished and he can join the family.

Right, I'm off to play with my buttons. (That didn't sound as dirty in my head.)


Catherine said...

Congratulations on your new stockist :)

Anonymous said...

You collecting buttons is harmless and you enjoy it, don't feel bad...If you were wasting your money on pokie machines, or shoplifing I'd be worried.
Congrats on new stockist, hope it works out well for you.

Pea said...

Ooo Em, you have gone mad button wise! Have fun creating with them x

fp said...

Em, I love buttons. I have tins and tins of them! Don't feel guilty :-D
I hope you are feeling more upbeat! Hugs XXX